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Ye Tealeaves aims to introduce people to a calmer lifestyle to live in the present moment through the natural power of tea. 

I arrived in China in 2013 for the first time as an exchange student at university to study Mandarin Chinese. I ended up spending two years in Shanghai and Hangzhou, the latter being one of the most historied green tea producing areas of the country.

During my time in Hangzhou, I became interested in traditional Chinese tea culture through a friend with a small teahouse and tea farm. It was a difficult time for me when I was battling with the anxiety of having to move home to Hungary from an amazing time in China and figuring out long-term life choices.

Tea was a safe haven for my stressed mind at the time which had an immediate effect on my mental state. Each tea session, be it with friends or alone, felt like a step closer to calmness and a slower, more forward-thinking mindset. Arriving back to Hungary in the summer of 2016, fueled by the influence I had from tea in Hangzhou I started working on, and eventually launching the Ye Tealeaves brand in 2017.

I believe real, traditional tea culture has a lot to offer on both the sensory and the mental health side as well. To me, tea is an exploration of the world outside and the world within -- a tool that helps me experience new smells and flavors, but also new sensations to both the body and mind.

 Should you want to know more about our story and values, please reach us anytime via our contact details. 

Wishing you a calm tea session,

Oliver - founder of Ye Tealeaves